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Christmas and/or General help!

jenn0729 started this conversation

I live in the Baltimore Maryland area and would love to help a local family or families that are in need. I feel quite blessed with my life and believe in giving back! Its frustrating how many people out there take when they aren't really in need or just live off the system because its the easy thing to do! I would love to help some individuals that are just generally down on their luck and have had circumstances in their life that have just made times tough...especially those with young kids for Christmas that just want to believe in Santa! I may have some used toys/clothes and possibly new items as well. If you feel that you could use this help please send me a message and possibly a list of items that would help you! God Bless everyone...keep the faith!!


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littlelacie   in reply to SH3410
hi,Jenn has not been on this site since 2010.resources that were helping with Christmas have stopped,sorry.
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I have a nine year old sweetheart here who would love to have just about anything for Christmas. Please let me know, I know you probably have an overwhelming number of replies. Thanks.
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cancer patient
I have 6 kids and really could use some help for Christmas thanks
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littlelacie   in reply to blessed child
come back to this site tomorrow there will be a list posted of Christmas help that is available.
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blessed child
Hello if there is anyone that have it upon there heart to help a family with xmas me an my family would appreciate it im a single mom i have have many strokes an brain sugery i am normal but are unable to work due to the natrue that i still have to have another surgery my income is very limited because of bills i jave 3 realie great kids that are great at home an in school if anyone can help please let me know an god bless
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Ashley Shan
Hi my name is Ashley and I have 2 children a 4 yr old boy and a 10 month old girl and I make only enough to pay bills rent and desperate needs .. I have no extra to give them a Christmas and was wondering could anyone help? I'm in Baltimore md 21218 ....
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I have been rasieing my grandson for 12yrs he will be 16 new yrs eve, he is inreaminsion , he had AML, (cancer)in 08 was in hosp for about 6mo, he is ok, but the kemo mess his heart up, it is call long Qt, i don, t like asking for help this year has been hard, i m on SSD, i m 59 , we live in a apt, that go, s my your income, i try very hard to not ask for help, because i know there is people worse then me, i always have faith in God because i beleave he help my grandson to be alive, thank u for reading this,
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my autism son is my hero   in reply to Mumof3
My kids really don't want a Christmas they just want a house
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Mumof3   in reply to my autism son is my hero
You have 5 kids and are homeless? Oh my gosh. That is really sad- I hope you find help for Christmas but what I really hope is that you are able to better your situation so you can provide a better life for your children.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to my autism son is my hero
I the person u posted to not.been on here for a few years now
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woman in a shoe   in reply to my autism son is my hero
Hi u got to go into the places to sign up look though this morning post u will see a public post for Christmas help they will tell.u what to bring with u to sign up
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my autism son is my hero
Hello I'm a mother of 5 kids looking for help for Christmas but we are homeless we live in a motel so I ready don't know how and where to get help from God Bless everyone
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woman in a shoe   in reply to shabak
Yes that that post was put up in 2010. I will be putting the Christmas help up in a little while. It will be a public post.
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This ad blessed me when I read it my family has been through a lot we were in a shelter for three months I have two sick children we have been blessed to move into our own home however I cannot afford to buy Christmas gifts this year I know this maybe an old post but I would love to surprise my children with a Christmas tree at least
May god bless u for what ur doing
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Hi, i really need xmas help for my four kids. Im disabled and just got out of the hospital after fighting a bone infection. I live in hagarstown, md. My email is rydermegg at yahoo. Com. Thank you
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i have a 2 year old girl, and 12 year old girl they didnt make our local christmas connection program this year due to too many families applied. i live as a single mom and kidney failure on dialysis 3 hrs 3 times a week, so my disabilty income goes to bills which leads me to a probem. i cant buy any gifts for my girls. i dont know what i am going to do, no santa or gifts and dont want them heartbroken. please help my girls please, thank you and merry christmas
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Bob and mary
I've been out of work for 11 months now. I'm having trouble paying rent now I have nothing for Christmas for my kids this has been by far the worst year. Please if any body can help us let me know .
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karenplusfive   in reply to ttproctor
Go online before the 20th and put in your zip...if it is available in your area puch the"contact us" button and ask questions . I'm sure they will answer
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ttproctor   in reply to karenplusfive
okay but how do i know if my child is picked
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karenplusfive   in reply to ttproctor
They are doing an extra day. just check it out
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