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Christmas and/or General help!

jenn0729 started this conversation

I live in the Baltimore Maryland area and would love to help a local family or families that are in need. I feel quite blessed with my life and believe in giving back! Its frustrating how many people out there take when they aren't really in need or just live off the system because its the easy thing to do! I would love to help some individuals that are just generally down on their luck and have had circumstances in their life that have just made times tough...especially those with young kids for Christmas that just want to believe in Santa! I may have some used toys/clothes and possibly new items as well. If you feel that you could use this help please send me a message and possibly a list of items that would help you! God Bless everyone...keep the faith!!


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woman in a shoe   in reply to shabak
Yes that that post was put up in 2010. I will be putting the Christmas help up in a little while. It will be a public post.
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This ad blessed me when I read it my family has been through a lot we were in a shelter for three months I have two sick children we have been blessed to move into our own home however I cannot afford to buy Christmas gifts this year I know this maybe an old post but I would love to surprise my children with a Christmas tree at least
May god bless u for what ur doing
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Hi, i really need xmas help for my four kids. Im disabled and just got out of the hospital after fighting a bone infection. I live in hagarstown, md. My email is rydermegg at yahoo. Com. Thank you
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i have a 2 year old girl, and 12 year old girl they didnt make our local christmas connection program this year due to too many families applied. i live as a single mom and kidney failure on dialysis 3 hrs 3 times a week, so my disabilty income goes to bills which leads me to a probem. i cant buy any gifts for my girls. i dont know what i am going to do, no santa or gifts and dont want them heartbroken. please help my girls please, thank you and merry christmas
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Bob and mary
I've been out of work for 11 months now. I'm having trouble paying rent now I have nothing for Christmas for my kids this has been by far the worst year. Please if any body can help us let me know .
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karenplusfive   in reply to ttproctor
Go online before the 20th and put in your zip...if it is available in your area puch the"contact us" button and ask questions . I'm sure they will answer
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ttproctor   in reply to karenplusfive
okay but how do i know if my child is picked
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karenplusfive   in reply to ttproctor
They are doing an extra day. just check it out
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ttproctor   in reply to karenplusfive
i di toys for tots is done for this year and so are the churches in my area
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karenplusfive   in reply to ttproctor
Toys for tots is having a extra day around the 20th..just go to their site and put in zip code to see if and where in your state churches also. God bless
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Jenn0729 i have my godson whom i am raising, and i have been looking for help to provide him with things for christmas he is 1 and hes not choosey
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BabyM   in reply to Forever Greatful
Has anyone helped your son. What about toys for tots??
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Hi my name is Tina and I have 4 children, 2 boys that are 12, 1 boy that will be 7 in January and 1 girl that is 8. I am in desperate need of help for Christmas. I am a single mom with a mortgage and trying to do what I can for my kids this holiday. I live pay check to pay check so having extra money for Christmas seems impossible. My kids mean the world to me and they deserve to have a good Christmas. If you are able to help me help my kids that would be the kindest thing anyone has ever done. Thank you for your time and Good bless.
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jesse69   in reply to BabyM
I live in kingfisher Oklahoma
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BabyM   in reply to momof2greatkids
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I was wondering if I may be capable of receiving a blessing from you I moved to Baltimore two years ago spent my first year and a half in and out of shelters with my two sons who is five n seven (has autism) but I finally lucked up n found a room for rent I had to leave Philadelphia because of the abuse me and my young children was taking from their father and I told myself that I wouldn't allow hin to put me in the hospital anymore I moved to keep my kids safe from that danger but its hard to get a job my sons disability has me back and forth at his school plus me suffering from depression bipoloar and being sick alot because of my weak immune system isn't helping either I just want my kids to be able to enjoy Christmas happy and worry free
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I would love it if you could possibly consider me. I have two wonderful children (5 year old disabled boy and 16 year old girl) and I cannot afford to buy either one of them anything for CHristmas. I spent most of the year unemployed and almost homeless due to a very unfair termination and we were almost homeless. I am not suffering from health issues and not in a good place financially (getting ready to lose everything because all the bills are backed up still) and my current job isn't going so well..high stress and difficult to deal with current boss. I need a true miracle before Dec 25th. The kids also need clothes and shoes--anything would be appreciated. Thank you.
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angelross   in reply to angelross
Iam. In. Need. Real bad
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angelross   in reply to angelross
Hi. My. Name. Is. Michelle. Homless. Living. With. A. Friend. My. Housr. Burn. Down. Have. 5. Grand. Childrens. Age. 12. Boy. 5girl. 4boy. 3 girl. 2. Girl. Michelle.
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Hi. My. Name. Is. Michelle. Iam. Homless. Liveing. With. A friend. Becaufse. My house burn down I have 5children age. 12. Boy. 5. Girl. 4. Boy. 3. Girl. 2. Girl. I. Can)t. Get. Anything. For. Them. If. You. Need. To. Talk. Please. Michelle thankyou
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